Love him or hate him you can’t deny everyone in the Bigfoot world knows of Tom Biscardi.

Hell I’ll admit it I tune into his podcast every week to see the Tom “foolery ” or should I say listen to …that happens every week. Every guest has seen Bigfoot 37 times, but some how doesn’t manage to have any pics or vids.

Currently there is a couple of guests lately that see the big fella every day they look out of their living room window.

But the biggest mystery lately is the extremely rare sightings of the one and only Tom “Bigfoot” Biscardi

7 Weeks in a row there is no Tom on his own  podcast. Just Bill Marrette the hardest working man in the Bigfoot business carrying the the show.

I have  searched google, Wikipedia , and asked the kid who pumps has at my local gas station. But no signs of Tom!

Do any of you know where Tom is?

Maybe Rick Dyer has him on display in his Bigfoot trailer besides “Hank”

Ill pay $10 bucks to see….

Does anyone know where he is?

can we get a sketch artist to draw up a pick and we can make some posters and put them up around the neighbourhood.