This encounter was recently sent to me by email..

A few months back we had started to hang out at an area on our Indian Reservations, which was used as an gravel pit.

It has been abandoned now for about 10+ years. But there is still massive boulders and giant mounds of gravel. It’s a nice place to park. Hike a bit and climb on the giant boulders, and sit and think.

My sister and i thought so one evening.

When we first got off the car I heard a growl from a distance, noting that this gravel pit area is about 5 football fields and we are about in the middle of this area. When I heard this, I immediately thought it was a bear. I looked at my sister and asked “Did you hear that?”. She responded “Yeah, it’s just a bird. They sound like that at the Fish Hatchery.”

At this timeĀ  I was think- “okay, hmm if she heard it then most likely it’s just a bird then.” We continued on to to our evening. When we heard it again. This time she mentioned to me, “What was that?”. I told her “that’s the bird you said from earlier.” She then responded, “No! That is not the sound I heard.”

We proceeded to the car, kind of alarmed. At this point the sound was closer than it was before. We’ve been in the woods all our lives.

I ,We assumed it was a bear, but I thought why would a bear growl at us. We got to the car with a little courage being there we stopped and talked more. I once yelled at it. It continued to growl from certain area and then i began to notice something walking back and forth in the tree line.

The sun went down and this animal was about 300 yards away above us in the tree line. We continued to talk until the I all of sudden noticed something walking along the ridge now visible to us.

It looked like a giant brown polar bear. Long legs and skinny. I immediately began to get freaked out that it was walking along the ridge like a polar does at the Zoo back and forth at a pace. I thought was weird. We were to far away to see anything other that the animals outline and some details in the body.

But this was just the beginning. We continued to go back out of curiosity. Why was this bear doing this and can we catch a better glimpse of the massive creature.

We continued to go back, each time we went back we got a response and you could see the animal walking around in the tree line. After awhile it no longer amused us. As we thought it was a bear, growling maybe because of cubs or we were near the den.

But what started me the evening of October 15, 2014, my brother had taken a back road late at night about 2 or 3 am. in the morning, on his stretch home. This was a road that lead up to the gravel pit area and then dropped behind it back to the main road. He was driving his old 2006 toyota tacome. Small, quiet, standard-drive truck.

The lights on that truck are dim and only light up what is in front of it. He was driving when he came around a bend and seen something standing upright, with the truck continuing to turn he was startled, was about to turn the truck back toward the animal when he seen what he thought was 3 large bears walking in front of him.

It scared him to think okay why are they 4 adult bears all in the same area and why are they so massive.

Our younger brother was also with him. He said next thing, those bears stood up and looked at him.

He immediatly noticed they were bigfoots. He said they were not all the same size. They varied in sizes so he assumed they were a family. They continued to stare at vehicle. He was able to manuver his truck around to get great lighting on them, continually for 10 minutes.

His windows began to fog and he began to fear for his safety as they began to move more around effortlessly and quick. He is about 6ft tall and he mentioned they most like had about 2 feet on him.

He described them as massive creatures. The muscle tone and size was very distinguised. He could see their faces. Brown skin faces. That looked similiar to a Gorilla, but not quite that the he said seemed more human like. With a muzzle more of. The were completely covered in black hair.

He said once they began to move away from him they were gone in a quick few steps as they were so massive. He was very stirred up when he got home that evening. He immediately came to my room and mentioned he seen bigfoot. His face and skin color looked as if he seen a ghost, and he knew what he seen.

He said if he had a camera or a phone he would have easily been able to get some very good evidence, but he didn’t have that on him. When he told me they were on all fours. I immediately began to dig deeper. I showed him videos of gorillas walking and he said yes that’s how they looked. But their legs were not that short. and they had more of a bear shaped back and structural look.

What I saw at the gravel pit, I believe could have been bigfoot as well. But I would have never know had it not been for him witnessing them on all fours. But i knew even if it was a bear. There was just something about the way it paced the ridge, staring down at us and we were near the car and also as we drove away.

This would explain to the responses we were consistently getting back. But I don’t know why we seen them on all fours.

But when they stood upright, you knew they were bigfoots, and they walked away from my brothers as massive Bigfoots, and have left an imprint on all of our lives.

There is so much more stories and conclusions to the area.

I just wanted to share our stories.


Thanks for sending me this encounter, Carli

I appreciate you sharing with us…