Bigfoot on the Reservation?

Do you know how you see strange things that can’t be explained? Out here on the Navajo reservation, it’s no different. Nearly everyone knows about supernatural things here; we deal with it all the time, since the Navajos are spiritual and know of both the good and bad sides of it.


My mother recalls some of the strange things that happened to her as a child, growing up in Twin Lakes. As children, my mother and her sisters were often left alone for long periods of time at the hogan where they lived. Often they would be visited by strange creatures/monsters (bigfoot?) that would lurk around outside at night, banging on the walls or attempting to chase them and carry them away.


One of these experiences is so bizarre, that my mother remembers it in detail. One day, my mom and her younger sister, Alberta, were alone at the hogan. (A hogan is a circular dwelling, with a stove set in the middle of the room.) Who knows where everyone went… everyone, including the remainder of her sisters, were gone. Suddenly, the dogs started barking horribly and snarling at something that was outside. My mother quickly ran inside the hogan and screamed as a tall, hulky, beastly “thing” came through the door after her. It chased her hideously around the stove in the middle of the room.


My mom recalls the thing as “tall, covered in thick, black hair, and moving clumsily.” She compares it to Bigfoot, though who knows exactly what it was. She ducked under a bed that was against the wall, and found her sister hiding back there already. As they hid under the bed, the thing grabbed Alberta’s leg and tried to yank her out from under the bed. He/it was very strong, and she was nearly dragged away, but the two girls clung to each other and hung on for dear life as the thing tugged at her leg. When that didn’t work, the beast attempted to pull the bed away from the wall, and even pulled off the mattress, where they saw a clear view of him fumbling around. The two were screaming in dead fear and my mom says there, that she doesn’t remember what happened for a few minutes after that, it’s a missing piece of the puzzle.


She then tells about the event that followed. Things had suddenly quieted down, and my mother sat in the crevice between the door and the wall. She sat with her eyes squeezed shut, and when she opened them, she found a dark, hairy face staring at her from between the slats in the boards of the door. My mother then thinks she fainted in fright.


That is only one account of strange creature sightings she’s had, along with her sisters. To this day, she still doesn’t know what/who they were or where they came from, but she thinks they were “skinwalkers,” or people who walk around in animal skins doing witchcraft. Many people here know of the skinwalker issue, and it’s common for one to seek out help from a medicine man. The problem is, what kind of animal was that one imitating? It can’t have been a monster (bigfoot)… or could it?

– Christy